Jungle Dogs – A Review

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Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of PEK Jungle Dogs hot dogs to review.  Jungle Dogs are delicious pork hot dogs, they contain 85% pork, they contain NO artificial colours or flavours & even better, they contain NO mechanically separated meat.


They arrived in super quick time & came with a lovely selection of recipe suggestions.  I’d planned to use the savory pancake recipe but best made plans & all that meant that it never happened.  Instead we made two delicious lunch dishes.

For the twins we made Puff Pastry Hot Dog Pizzas.  These were super easy & the twins did most of it themselves.

Ready rolled sheet of puff pastry
Grated cheese
Sliced Jungle Dogs
A little milk

We used a bowl as a cutter to make the right size pizza bases.  Spread some passata onto the pastry, added some grated cheese & finally the Jungle Dogs on top.  We used the little bit of milk to brush around the edge of the pastry.  They went into the oven for 15 minutes.


Each pack of Jungle Dogs contains two little packs in one.  Each side has three hot dogs in so you can cut down the middle of the pack, use one side of three & pop the other in the fridge without worrying about it being an open packet.  We used one pack of three for the twins pizza & I used the other pack of three for a quick omelette lunch.

I chopped up the other three hot dogs, fried them in a little Fry Light & threw in three eggs that I’d beaten with a fork.  It literally took minutes to make & we enjoyed our lunch together.  One of the twins really enjoyed their hot dog pizza & even stole nearly half of my omelette. The other twin wasn’t as keen but still ate it LOL


Since we received our original pack of Jungle Dogs I had been ordered by the twins to buy more.  They are available in ASDA at £1 & also larger Tesco stores for £1.20. We’ve made the puff pastry pizzas again & also had them in the more traditional way of Hot Dogs in a bun, loaded with ketchup :)

Let me know if youget some Jungle Dogs what you think of them.





Disclaimer: This post is a review of products that I received for free. All opinions are my own.

Hex On The Beach & Disappearing Four Patch.

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These are just a couple of the quilt projects I’ve been working on at the moment.

The first is the Hex On The Beach kit from the lovely Tula Pink. This quilt top is 100% hand stitched. It grows quite quickly… once I get going but it does rely on me having time to sit & hand stitch :)


The next is a disappearing 4 patch quilt top.  I’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages.  I had the patterned fabric already & a recent visit to one of the lovely Plush Addict open days got me a couple of Kona Cotton Solids to go with it.  I started this just before the school holidays & made some great progress.  Hopefully I’ll be back to that soon :)



If you’re wondering what’s happening with some of my other projects then you’ll have to pop back again soon to find out OR better still, leave me a message asking about any project (quilt, sewing or cross stitch), or fabric that you remember seeing on my blog & would like an update on :)



April Fools Day

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Traditionally on April Fools Day people play jokes & hoaxes on each other, hoax stories are also often found in media & press on this day.

For me, on this April 1st, I feel like I’m getting back to being me again.  That is, the me…..pre twins.  Since January 1st this year I’ve been working hard on all areas of my life.  I’ve been eating more sensibly, exercising regularly & playing housewifey a lot more (something I’m not that great at!).  The results have been brilliant for me.  I’ve lost one stone in weight & I’ve managed to shed eight inches in size.  We’ve cut down on takeaways, I’ve even been cooking for gods sake, that’s just how different things are.  Sewing & crafting remains my big stress buster in life so I know that when I get stressed I can spend a few hours sewing & calm is restored.  That is… until the twins get home from school & then it’s full on playtime & homework :)

I’ll have to update the blog with some of the projects I’ve been working on.  Lots of progress has been made on quilts & cross stitch.

The twins are in bed, quiet is the order of the evening.

It’s good to be back :)


New Stash :)

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Last week I received new stash.  This stash came in the form of cross stitch from a lovely store in the USA called The Silver Needle & some fabric from the Creative Crafts show at Sandown Park, Surrey.

New year stash 2014

My cross stitch stash includes threads from Weeks Dye Works & The Gentle Art Sampler Company.  A selection of Lizzie Kate charts which include the Double Flip-Its set Less=More, Stitching Forever, Winter Alphabet & a mini kit called A Little Snow.  I also ordered the fabric to stitch the Winter Alphabet on.  All very exciting & a little bonus was a selection of Limited Edition threads from The Gentle Art which were a free gift from the store.  What a lovely gesture & a perfect gift for me.

Next up was the Creative Crafts Show at Sandown Park.  My friend & I visit this show every January.  It’s like out little something to look forward to after the busy-ness that is Christmas & New Year.  I’d say in all honesty that I wasn’t impressed with the show this year.  There was a lot of papercraft & paper die cutting stands there, they were taking up a lot of stands & were also all selling the same things so that was a bit boring for me.  That said.  I still managed some lovely purchases of fabric :)


I have 3 mini charm packs from Moda, these are just so cute, I’m getting such a lovely collection of them now, still not sure what to do with any of them but they’re cute LOL.  I saw this lovely pink & blue elephant fabric that I just couldn’t resist & while it was being cut the pink was underneath it & well it was just meant to be really.  They go perfect with each other.  The other 2 small bundles there are some half charm packs (known as candy bars) & a matching fabric.  Both of these are from the Downton Abbey range of fabrics from Makower.

Not too bad for January :)

Happy stitching



I’ve started #tula100

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I’ve finally started sewing together some of my #tula100 blocks & I’m sooooo excited.  I’ve been cutting them out on & off for a while but a friend of mine recently started stitching hers together & that made me want to see mine stitched up too.



My fabric choice for the entire quilt is “Joy” by Kate Spain :)

#tula100 Block 1

#tula100 Block 1

#tula100 Block 2

#tula100 Block 2

#tula100 Block 3

#tula100 Block 3

Let me know what you think :)




Happy New Year

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This morning was shock to the system… not my system but the twins.  Suddenly they have to get up, get dressed in uniform & get ready for school.  It was a little like being in slow motion & there were tears when I said they couldn’t use their scooters due to the horrendous rain & wind.  They walked to school without complaint & we arrived in plenty of time.  First day back at school couldn’t have gone better :)

Back home from the school run & I commenced my Personal Training for this year.  I made excellent progress towards the end of 2013 & am hoping to continue that progress & more into 2014.  I’m aiming for great fitness levels with inch & weight loss too.

Crafting wise:  I’m planning on this year being the year of the WIPs (Work In Progress) projects.  Both with cross stitch & with quilting & sewing.  Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be starting anything new but I will be making a conscious effort to complete already started projects :)

On that note I give you my first finished project of 2014.  A very quick cross stitch from Lizzie Kate designs.  I started this on January 1st & completed it today.   I hope to finish it into a little wall hanging to go in my hallway.

Housework Never Killed Anyone by Lizzie Kate Completed 6th January 2014 by Lisa Gillies

Housework Never Killed Anyone by Lizzie Kate
Completed 6th January 2014 by Lisa Gillies

Happy New Year


December Sewing

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I have been sooooooo busy this December.  There has been the twins school Christmas Fair to make for & birthday gifts galore.

Here are some of the items that I made for the Christmas fair, they include tree decorations, keyrings & mini tote bags.







Here are the Birthday presents that I’ve made.  All have been delivered this weekend.









I have a few more projects to work on before Santa visits, fingers crossed all will complete & then I’ll be resting up the sewing machine to enjoy the festivities.



Completed Quilts

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Recently I’ve completed two small-ish quilts & both have been delivered to their new homes.

The first is a charm quilt.  I really love this quilt.  I’m not a pink person but since having my little girl pink has played a big part in my life & I’m really enjoying working with pink fabrics now.  It’s a very simple quilt that used one charm pack & a small amount of yardage for borders.  The quilting was a variegated pink thread to create the criss-cross effect on the squares & the border stitching.


The next is a baby boys pirate quilt.  This was also made using charm squares & plain yardage that matched.  Again I kept it very simple (I was on a deadline) & the quilting was ditch quilting using matching thread.  Hopefully baby will get lots of use out of his quilt as either a blanket or a play mat.


Two down & OH SO MANY to go :)

Happy stitching.


Sewing & Stitching

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It’s all change at chez Gillies at the moment.  We have a nice new lounge & furniture to enjoy & a lovely newly laid patio out the back ready for next spring :)

I have managed to get some sewing & some cross stitch done during the last month.

The sewing is for the twins school Christmas Fayre.  I’m running the Handmade Gift stall so I’ve been busy making things to sell.

Tote Bags wm

Keyrings wm

Here’s is my latest cross stitch finish.  It’s Charmed Christmas Past by Hinzeit.  Not a great photo but I’ll get another one once I’ve turned it in to a lovely cushion.

Charmed Christmas Past wm

Last up is my new start, almost as exciting as a finish.  This is Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery Sampler.  So far I have parts one & two, just the third left to arrive.  I’m hoping I can get it complete in time for this Christmas.  I’ll share progress photos as I work on it.

LK Mystery Sampler Start 091113 wm

I’ve also been working on a quilt but I can’t share that with you just yet….. you’ll just have to pop back again to see what I’ve been making :)

Happy Stitching :)


Ribbons In Your Hair – Tutorial

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Towards the end of the summer holidays my good friend Kelly over at Domestic Goddesque posted a quick & easy tutorial for lovely ribbon hairbands.  You can check out her post here.

I thought it was time I gave it a go & you know what?  She was right, they are quick & simple to do.  Here’s my version & how I made them.

First up I gathered my supplies:
Plain red hairbands (because my daughters school colours are red & navy)
Selection of red & white ribbons
Glue gun (optional)

RibbonHairbands (1)

Choose some ribbons to put together & cut them at 30cm.  I used 3 different ribbons on each of mine.

RibbonHairbands (2)

Tie all 3 cut ribbons onto your hairband together in a single knot.  If you want to you can add a bit of glue onto the knot for a bit of extra security, I used my glue gun for this.

RibbonHairbands (4)

 That’s it, all done, pretty ribbon hairbands now complete.

RibbonHairbands (3)

I told you it was easy :)



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