Playing With Hexagons

Yesterday I went to my Thursday sewing group for the first time in weeks.  Life has recently got in the way a bit & kept me from my sewing & I realised how much I was missing the calming, stress relieving side of it.

Lucky for me it was the first day of a new workshop, Playing With Hexagons.  Our tutor is lovely, I’ve met her before on several occasions but never actually attended one of her own workshops.  We had all been emailed with fabric requirements & I decided to raid my stash fabrics for mine… it’s like shopping once you dive in :)

So here’s the fabrics I chose.  I liked the leaf design one to start with & bought the others based around that.  I have since added some other fabrics of similar colours to the bundle.  Again, all from stash.

PlayingWithHexagons (1)

The design we’re doing consists of 8 blocks, each of these blocks is made up of hexagons but those hexagons are made up of more than one fabric & a range of different designs.  It will be fun to watch the designs comes together.  Here’s how the first block is going.

PlayingWithHexagons (4)

I started with a four patch block & then used a template to cut the hexagons, making sure that each hexagon was cut with the fabric in the same place.  The single leaf hexy is for the center of my block.  As you can imagine there are plenty of ways to layout the hexagons around the middle & it took me ages to decide on my layout but I think I finally have it.

All I need now is to work out which colour to put around the edge in the diamond space of the hexagon.  I have two fabrics in mind & here is a picture of both.  Here is the layout of both.

PlayingWithHexagons (2)

PlayingWithHexagons (3)

You can see on the second layout that I haven’t used the mustard coloured solid that I orginally had chosen, instead i’ve gone for a mustard gingham colour as the solid just looked totally wrong.

So… what do you think?  Which layout colour do you prefer… lilac or gingham?


Razor Red Knife Sharpener – Review

We recently got this lovely little gadget on Amazon UK & I have to say that we were very impressed.


It has to be the most simple knife sharpener that you could ever come across.  It has a suction cup thingy-ma-jig on the bottom so that once it’s on your worktop it’s going nowhere.  I found this particularly useful as it means you don’t have to hold on to the sharpener with one hand while trying to sharpen knives with the other.

We have a good few knives in our drawer, none of which are very sharp in my opinion but the husband insists they are “good” knives.  I tend to stick to my favourite two as I know they’re sharp.

Now, thanks to the Razor Red sharpener we have about ten knives that are all ready to do some serious damage.

Here is a quick video clip to see how you can achieve the sharp results in under a minute.

The sharpener is just 6cm in diameter & 6cm high, making it easy to store in the same drawer as I keep the knives.  It is sturdy to use & works really well.  I would highly recommend this sharpener.




Disclaimer: I received a voucher allowing me to purchase this product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own & that of my family.


Xtreme Giveaway – CHEWITS

Has anyone noticed recently that Chewits chew sweets are all over the place or is it just me??   The last couple of parties that the twins attended have included a tube of Chewits in their goody bag.


I hadn’t seen Chewits in a sweet shop for ages, or I just hadn’t noticed them, but now I’m noticing them LOADS.  I certainly remember them from when I was young, which is not surprising as they’ve been around since 1965.  If I remember correctly there was a TV add that had a monster eating a packet of them on the Empire State Building.


A quick look around the Chewits website & you’ll find some really fun little games for the kids to play, the latest adverts for them to see & even a search facility to find your nearest Sport Course, something else that Chewits are involved in… keeping active :)
Oh yeah & you’ll also find LOADS of different flavours including their Xtreme flavours Sour Apple & Tutti Frutti.  This is the range that they’ve recently added to with Sour Pineapple flavour.

chewits extreme exploding pineapple

To celebrate the release of Chewits Xtreme Sour Pineapple I have 4 packs of these super sour chews to give away to one lucky winner.

To enter you just have to answer the question below for a bit of fun.
For an extra entry you can share the giveaway.

Xtreme Chewits Sour Pineapple Giveaway

Giveaway ends on Friday 18th July.
Winner will be drawn at random after the giveaway ends & the winner contacted asap.
If the winner doesn’t respond within 14 days, a new winner will be drawn.
Prize is 4 individual packs of Sour Pineapple Chewits.

I look forward to hearing those lovely flavours.




Win competitions at – See more at:

Another Tula Pink Quilt – WIP Wednesday

What can I say… I LOVE Tula Pink :)

Today I’ve been working on getting the Tula Pink Shoreline quilt top finished.  I almost managed it too but with just one & a half strips left to stitch, my bobbin ran out of thread.  By the time I re-filled the bobbin it was time to collect the twins from school.


The fabric range I’m using is Saltwater & of course it’s by Tula Pink :)

Tomorrow I should get the top completely finished.  Then it’s time to hunt through some stash for a backing.


I’m linking this post up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced blog.  If you fancy seeing some other lovely, colourful quilting WIP’s then pop over & click on some links.


A Fresh New Look – Inspired at #Britmumslive

This weekend I attended the Brit Mums Live conference in London.  It was the first time I’d been, I was nervous & excited all rolled into one.  Luckily I had an ally in the form of Domestic Goddesque, she’s a very dear friend of mine, one of the best & I knew she would be there… somewhere LOL


I was armed with my Agenda, all marked up with the sessions I wanted to attend & there were lots.  I couldn’t attend everything I wanted as there were some clashes but most of the sessions I did attend were REALLY helpful.

There were lots of words that came up quite a bit in different sessions & I have to say that I spent a while thinking & pondering on these things:

  • Be honest & true to yourself.  I’d like to think that all of my posts have been honest but at the same time there are some posts that I haven’t published or have deleted for fear of  saying the wrong thing or upsetting someone.  Possibly in that respect I haven’t been quite as true to myself as I’d have liked.
  • Love your blog/site.  I’ve always loved my blog & if I don’t like it, I change it until I do like it.. easy :)
  • Be passionate about what you post.  Most of what I post about I am passionate about, but not all.  Time to work on that one I think.
  • Write & post great content.  Now this one cracked me up, every time I heard it.  I mean what is great content? Did I miss the answer to that question somewhere over the weekend? Who knows.

What I do know is that I post great content…. for me :)  & to me I post not just great content but damn right awesome content.  Is it what others consider to be great content? I don’t know & quite frankly I don’t care much (Oooooo, honesty!).  I’ve been blogging since 2007 & the thought of “great content”, “page rankings”, “klout” etc really hasn’t interested me over the last 7 years so I can’t see it taking over my life now.

April was a bit of a turning point for me. I wrote this blog post, probably the most personal post that I’ve ever written… & actually published :)  Yesterday, after being inspired by one of the Brit Mums Live sessions I decided it was time my blog had a fresh new look too so today I published my new white blog, fresh & stylish….. I love it.

Now I’ll slowly work through my notes from the weekend & try to remember what the odd random words relate to!  In the meantime I shall continue to blog my awesome content (LOL) but now I’ll be posting more of the content that I may not have had the guts to in the past.  I’m not a writer in any way, shape or form.  I’m not a photographer either.  I certainly can’t cook.  So what will I blog about……. see above for the tag line… SEWING and TWINS and STUFF.



Chicago Town Pizza – Review

We recently returned from our holiday & as usual there was nothing in the cupboards to eat.  Luckily, just before leaving on our adventure I received some vouchers for pizza.  Now these weren’t just ordinary pizza’s, there were Chicago Town Takeaway Pizzas :)

ChicagoTownPizza (1)

This is what we chose.  A Pepperoni Plus which has a stuffed crust & a Chicken & Bacon Melt with a classic crust.

Usually when we have pizza night it involves ordering from a local pizza chain & waiting for it to arrive at the door.  This time was going to be different as we had our Chicago Town Takeaway Pizzas.
Check this out too (the yellow text), I loved this bit:

ChicagoTownPizza (2)

Yes, the Pepperoni Plus comes with it’s own pan for the oven… bonus :)

We were all very impressed with these pizza’s & they were huge too, plenty for everyone.  The cooking times were perfect, cooked right through, no burnt bits & REALLY tasty.


Our verdict:
Did we like the Chicago Town Takeaway Pizzas? Hell yeah.
Would we buy them again? Actually I’ve already bought some ready for our next pizza night.
Would we recommend them? YES, I would totally recommend these pizzas.

I’ve found that these are often on offer on the various large supermarkets, the fact that they’re in the frozen section means that you can buy when they’re on offer & just keep them in the freezer until you have a pizza night, movie night, kids friends over or indeed until you get back from your holiday & realise there is nothing in the fridge so Pizza it is :)

Let me know what you think of them.





Disclaimer: I received Chicago Town Pizza vouchers in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own & that of my family.

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